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Stories, New York

Amazon bestselling author Edward Medina is a native New Yorker. His longer published works exist in the otherworldly realms of dark fantasy and epic adventure but his short stories live in the city and state that he loves and continues to call home.

Stories, New York brings together three of his bestselling short stories. Set in and around New York City and the towns of upstate New York these stories represent urban, gothic, and classic horror respectively.


Satan's Toybox:

Terrifying Teddies

Included in this anthology are tales of a Toy Shoppe where the proprietor might not be quite human, a costume you don't want to wear, fierce bears who defend what's theirs, and small children who aren't exactly what they seem. You'll never look at Teddy Bears quite the same way after this. I'd like to thank the fine folks at Angelic Knight Press for including my Sci-Fi Horror short, 'The Conversation', in this fun and very scary anthology. 


Enter at Your Own Risk

Looking into the dark past, Enter At Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices resurrects the Gothic masters and for the first time, they meet their modern counterparts.


Poe, de Maupassant, Bierce, Lovecraft, Yeats, Stoker and more walk the haunted literary halls with B.E. Scully, Carole Gill, Joshua Skye, Mari Adkins, Edward Medina, John A. Karr, E.P. Berglund, A.A. Garrison, Robbie Anderson, David Thomas, Alex McDermott, Nicky Peacock, Drew Keaton, and Benjamin Sperduto.

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