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Stories, New York

Amazon bestselling author Edward Medina is a native New Yorker. His longer published works exist in the otherworldly realms of dark fantasy and epic adventure but his short stories live in the city and state that he loves and continues to call home.

Stories, New York brings together three of his bestselling short stories. Set in and around New York City and the towns of upstate New York these stories represent urban, gothic, and classic horror respectively.

Edward Medina is an Amazon KDP bestselling author of high fantasy, dark horror, and epic adventure books, short stories, and poems. To date his combined works have earned over one hundred and fifty Amazon and Goodreads five-star reviews from readers, reviewers, bloggers, teachers and fellow authors.

Each of his books have appeared on the Amazon top five bestseller lists in both the Fantasy and Action Adventure categories and his short stories have all debuted in the Amazon top five bestseller lists for Short Stories Horror. His long form gothic poem, The Emperor's Nocturne, was selected for inclusion in the anthology Enter At Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices, which was honored as a finalist for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award by the Horror Writers Association.

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Stories, New York

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The Conversation

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