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Stories, New York

Amazon bestselling author Edward Medina is a native New Yorker. His longer published works exist in the otherworldly realms of dark fantasy and epic adventure but his short stories live in the city and state that he loves and continues to call home.

Stories, New York brings together three of his bestselling short stories. Set in and around New York City and the towns of upstate New York these stories represent urban, gothic, and classic horror respectively.

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MBKS 1: It Is Said

MBKS 2: In The Darke

MBKS 3: Do You Believe

Adventures of the X Pirates: Fortunes

A Murder of Crows

The Demise of Foxy Jack

Bones, Crowns and Gaman

Short Stories


The Conversation

The Corpse of Madeline Hill



Stories, New York

Satan's Toybox: Terrifying Teddies

Enter at Your Own Risk


Four Days with Edgar Allan Poe

The Count


The Conversation

It's in the Eyes


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