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The Story of Sandbox Harbor

As his career grew and his interests expanded Edward Medina established, staffed, and headed an independent, multi-media entertainment company created to provide press and public relations, digital design, live event, film, video, and theatrical production services to outside nonprofit clients in order to assist them in their causes.

The WhiteWolf Company provided branding, promotional design, and video production services for clients such as World Hunger Year, United Earth, Heart's Bend World Children's Center, Peace Child International-Holland, Save the Seas Campaign-Japan, the American Indian Law Alliance, the American Indian Community House, and the Albert Schweitzer Institute.

The company also developed and managed multi-media, large and small-scale events, providing press and public relations, marketing, stage and video production services for clients such as The Hunger Project, the Native American Council, the New York City Council on the Environment, the United Nations, and the United Nations Environment Programme.


Using company resources obtained from all this cause related work then lead to the creation of a very special in-house project based on a concept imagined by Edward Medina and the philosophy that creative projects should also contribute to the world as a whole. The WhiteWolf Company assembled a group of talented artists, designers, and business specialists to develop designs and concepts for a large scale themed theatrical entertainment complex called Sandbox Harbor.

globe plaza 1.jpg

The Sandbox Harbor team completed an all-inclusive Character and Story Bible featuring each character and character family inhabiting this world along with artwork, biographies, associated print, and production concepts; a comprehensive Map and Park Design Bible highlighting the layouts of attractions, theatres, restaurants, retail, onstage and backstage support structures, and resort and expansion facilities; and a detailed Project Business Plan projecting estimates of overall staffing, promotion, design, production, and construction schedules and costs.

Outreach on a variety of essential fronts began and after a six-thousand-acre site was chosen in the city of Daytona Beach, Florida, The WhiteWolf Company cultivated and secured strategic private, government, educational, financial, creative, and technical partnerships. These included funding and additional support from key contacts, including the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and the Volusia County Business Development Corporation.

Sadly after several years of intensive effort the project was halted as a result of the events of 9/11.

The WhiteWolf Company believes, now more than ever, that there is still a place in this world for Sandbox Harbor. A new team is being assembled to continue and complete the work that began so many years ago. Original team members are on board as well as new ones that have been drawn to the positive themes and imaginative constructs of this very unique project. We are also proud to have the theme park architectural firm of My Design, Inc returning to guide Sandbox Harbor through its final design stages and eventual construction.

New sites are being researched, outreach has begun again, and the books that the world of Sandbox Harbor is based on are now available. As the work continues this page will be updated with new artwork and information. We invite you to return, explore, and become a part of that world and a very special project that not only celebrates imagination but supports and grows with the community in which it is built.

The Art of Sandbox Harbor

Artwork by Niki Ciccotelli Stewart and Eric Sweetman.

All images © The WhiteWolf Company. 

(a sampling)

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