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The Conversation

The Conversation was originally released in a popular print anthology that was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. There was no mention of how, when, where, or even who the characters in this bestselling short story were. The reader had to discover the frightening information themselves as they read along. Now this two-character discussion is being produced by WhiteWolf Productions as a short subject film. No changes have been made. The story is as it was first written. Only now the horror has become real.


Further information is available upon request.

It's In the Eyes.jpg

It's In the Eyes

Legendary high-fashion photographer Richard Santiago lives at the center of a colorful whirlwind of fame, fantasy, and beautiful models. He seems to have everything a man could ever want but the women in his life are about to show him there’s a difference between fantasy and reality.

With New York City as the backdrop for this feature length romantic comedy drama, “It’s in the Eyes” brings together the worlds of fashion and photography to tell a funny and touching story of inspiration lost then found and the price that artists sometimes pay to find themselves through their creations.

Further information is available upon request.



Based on the bestselling short story by the same name Awilda is a feature length film adaptation of an urban paranormal trip through the mind of a dedicated hunter. A hunter specifically designed to kill a very particular form of vampire. Believing it to be her mission since birth, Awilda puts a meticulously planned set of events into motion in order to eradicate the world of this infestation. Good girl by day, holy terror by night, Awilda is not the type of woman you’ll soon forget.


Further information is available upon request.

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