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Short Stories



Eighty million cats are owned in the United States. Most are introduced to homes without a seconds thought. Most come from friends and family. Others are found and adopted with little thought of where they come from. Cats in turn love their new homes but a rare few will not bend to the will of others. Amazon bestselling author Edward Medina now introduces you to the story of one such cat. 

Raised by a gypsy, adopted by a broken couple, and driven by the light of the moon, Casanova is a cat with dreams and desires. He craves his freedom, longs for escape, and is willing to kill to achieve his goals. Set in New York City and the Upstate New York towns of Woodstock, Accord, and Sleepy Hollow this dark horror follows Casanova on his journey to return home and fulfill his destiny.



The story of Awilda is an urban paranormal trip through the mind of a dedicated hunter. A hunter specifically designed to kill a very particular form of vampire. Believing it to be her mission since birth, Awilda puts a meticulously planned set of events in motion in order to eradicate the world of this infestation.


Good girl by day, holy terror by night, Awilda is not the type of woman you’ll soon forget.


The Corpse of

Madeline Hill

The art of making wine is the art of capturing time in a bottle. It’s about taking living elements at the glory of their being and causing their demise in the most sublime way possible. The art of making wine is the art of capturing life and death in a bottle.


The Corpse of Madeline Hill is a tale of luscious wine, eternal love, brutal murder and savage revenge set in the New York State wine regions. This short story also serves as proof that the best revenge is aged revenge.


The Conversation

The Conversation, written by Amazon bestselling author Edward Medina, was originally released in a popular anthology without full disclosure of the circumstances of the events taking place. There was no mention of how, when, where, or even who these characters were. The reader had to discover the frightening information themselves as they read along.

Now years later much of the sci-fi horror of The Conversation has come true. Now is the time to read this tale in a whole new light. No changes have been made. The story is as it was first written. Only now the horror has become real.

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